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Undergraduate Research and Mentoring Program

About the URM Program

Finding solutions to today’s complex problems like global warming, the spread of infectious diseases, and the uses of nanotechnology requires knowledge from many disciplines. URM fellows learn interdisciplinary approaches to studying these types of problems and prepare themselves to become the next generation of scientists working to solve them.

Fellows participate in a 3-year program to prepare for admission and success in graduate school and careers in research. It offers a year-round, monthly stipend and the opportunity to learn to do research under the guidance of trained mentors. In addition, the fellows form and lead an interdisciplinary undergraduate learning community through shared course-work, monthly meetings, and leadership activities.

The URM program is no longer accepting new participants.

The URM Fellows


The Undergraduate Research and Mentoring (URM) Fellows conduct research on a wide range of projects in departments across the UW-Madison science research community. These students represent the breadth of research opportunities in the Biological Sciences and beyond.


URM Fellows

Ali Bramson
Eric Wilcots
Alisha David "Stressing environmental factors on Miscanthus to test sustainability." Chris Kucharik
Neha Hasan

"Nutrient sensitive regulatory pathways in aging and age-associated disease"

Rozalyn Anderson

Alisa King "Growth and Filament Formation by Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium strain M-09-0001A-1 under stressful conditions" Amy Wong
Gabrielle Lehrer-Brey "Effects of round gobies on invertebrate populations in streams" Jake Vander Zanden
Joshua Sanchez "Neural Basis of Consciousness" Giulio Tononi
Sonia Carey "Comparing motility of Proteus mirabilis swimmer and swarmer cells in viscous media”" Doug Weibel
Mary Walton "Natural Product Synthesis" Richard Hsung
Mehmet Badur "Effects of Substrate Stiffness on Contractility of Human Embryonic and Induced Pluripotent-derived Cardiomyocytes" Sean Palecek
Taylor Banh "Deficiency of MGAT2 Leads to Obligate Increase in Energy Expenditure" Eric Yen
Yuli Chen "VEGE Regulation of Granulomas formation and T-Cell activation in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis" Matyas Sandor
Margaret Debrauske "Ice Crystallization in Freezers using Computational Dynamics" Rich Hartel
Momodou Jammeh "Signaling requirements for the generation of CD8+ T cell memory" M Suresh
 Eric Allen
"Rhodium-mediated domino lactonization"

Steven Burke
 Tom Bryan
 "Interspecific RNAi as a method for reverse fungal genetics in Glomus intraradices and Daucus carota"

Jean-Michel Ané

 Margaret Durow
 "Analyzing charcoal pigments in lake sediments to reconstruct historical records of fire"  Sara C. Hotchkiss
 Alberto Guerra
 "Fatty-Acyl Carnitine Mediated Insulin Secretion"  Allan D. Attie
 Yamini Karandikar
 "Effects of climate change on insect-plant relations"

Ezra Schwartzberg

 Emily Lingeman
 "Abortive cycling in the transcription process" Tom Record
Jeanet Ugalde
 "The Use of bumetanide to inhibit astrocyte proliferation and pain induction following spinal cord injury" Daniel K. Resnik





Cohort 1

Ali BramsonAli Bramson Photo

Hometown: Verona, WI
Physics, Astronomy-Physics, Certificate in Computer Science

Current Research Project: ‘Using Networking Algorithms to Assess the Environment of Galaxy Groups.’

Research Presentations & Publications:
"A Search for Ongoing Geologic Activity on Jupiter’s Satellites" SETI Institute Colloquium Series, Mountain View, CA, August 2010.
"The Hayabusa Spacecraft Model of Itokawa: Lessons Learned for Radar Shape Models" Division of Planetary Sciences Poster Session, Fajardo, PR, October 2009.
"Stability of Metal Nanoparticles Under Simulated Environmental Conditions" UW-Madison Undergraduate Research Symposium, Madison, WI, April 2008.
Poster: April 2008
Oral Presentation: April 2009

“Stability of Palladium Nanoparticles Under Simulated Environmental Conditions” American Chemical Society Undergraduate Poster Session, New Orleans, LA, April 2008.

“Solution based growth of shaped gold nanoparticles” UW-Madison NSEC REU Poster Session, August 2007.

Service and Leadership Activities:
President, Physics Club (2010-2011), Vice President (2009-2010), Coordinator (2008-2009)
Physics Learning Center Tutor (2009-2010)
Educational Programs Coordinator, The Ogg Association (2007-2008)
Volunteer for Wonders of Physics Program (2008, 2009)
Volunteer for SETIcon: Ran planetarium shows and workshops on making galileoscopes (2010)
Help with UW Astronomy Department’s Outreach Program: Universe in the Park (2010)

Clubs and Organizations:
Verona Area Community Theater (1998-current)
Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics of UW-Madison (2007-2009)
Zero-G Team, alternate flyer (2008-2009)
Hoofers Outing Club (2009-2010)
Paleoclub (2010-2011)

About Me:
I enjoy rock climbing, caving, and going to badger games. I also enjoy seeing theater shows and helping with the backstage, technical aspect of productions. I have participated in two amazing REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduate) programs: Arecibo Observatory’s REU (Summer 2009) and SETI Institute’s Astrobiology REU (Summer 2010). I am interested in planetary science, and especially imaging of planetary surfaces.

Cohort 2

Alisha DavidAlisha David photo

Hometown: Madison, WI
Major(s): Genetics
Current Research Project:
“Stressing environmental factors on Miscanthus to test sustainability.”

Research Presentations & Publications:
"You Will Always Remember Your Mother: Tolerance to Maternal Antigens " UW-Madison Undergraduate Research Symposium, April 2010
"You Will Always Remember Your Mother: Tolerance to Maternal Antigens " UW-Madison Biology 152 Poster Session, May 2010
"Pre-transplant maternal-fetal immune status predicts allograft outcome "Co-Author for a late breaking abstract, accepted for oral presentation at TTS (The Transplant Society), Vancouver, August 2010

Service and Leadership Activities:
EDGE (Empowerment through Development and Gender Equality) Project: Agriculture Team Leader (January 2010-May 2010), Co-Director of the EDGE Project (August 2010- present)
After School Science Club Leader (September 2010-present)/li>
Powers-Knapp Scholarship: Recognition Committee Chair (September 2008- May 2009), Sophomore Class Chair (September 2009-May 2010)
CALS (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences) Student Council Representative for the Undergraduate Genetics Association (September 2009-December 2009)

Clubs and Organizations:
EDGE Project
Powers-Knapp Scholar
Hospice Helping Hands
CELS (Creating Excellence and Leadership in Science)
Undergraduate Genetics Association
CALS Student Council

About Me:
I believe my love of travel and culture sprouted from a young age having grown up in a multicultural family. Having seen many different countries around the world, I have become increasingly interested in development, specifically in agriculture. I spent my summer of 2010 on an island in Lake Victoria, Uganda, implementing agricultural research a team and I had been working on during the past semester with the EDGE Project. My dream would be find a way to combine all of my interests, research, travel and development into a lifelong career. I enjoy attending farmers markets, camping, cooking, biking, gardening and currently learning to play the piano.




















Neha Hasanneha hasan photo

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wi
Major(s): Pre-Dietetics

Current Research Project: "Nutrient sensitive regulatory pathways in aging and age-associated disease"

Research Presentations & Publications:

“Adiponectin production and processing in mouse adipocytes”: Undergraduate Research Symposium, April 2011

"Acc"Investigating the Effect of Statin on Valve Calcification in Porcine Hearts" Undergraduate Research Symposium, April 2010
uracy Testing of of the Visualeyez™ II Camera System" UW-Madison Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Research Symposium, April 2009
"Accuracy Testing of of the Visualeyez™ II Camera System" UW-Madison Undergraduate Research Symposium, April 2009.

Service and Leadership Activities:
Sister’s Events Coordinator 2009-2010

Clubs and Organizations:
Dietetics and Nutrition Club
Muslim Student’s Association

About Me:
My love of research started when I first interned at the Medical College of Wisconsin in a Microbiology lab. I worked on a project on the endotoxin, Clostridium botulinum. As a researcher I questioned processes and probed complex situations with logical thinking. My quest for knowledge had just started as I peered into a never ending tunnel. As I delved into my interest of science my focus narrowed to human physiology. Specifically I would like to research in the complexities of nutritional sciences. It’s unfortunate that in this day and age the general public still doesn’t have an understanding of what is healthy and what is not. A powerful dual way I see myself affecting change is by learning more about nutrition by majoring in Dietetics and engaging in research.
I’m still unsure of how I will help in this field, but I hope that with my advances in research I can help the general public. After graduating with a major in Dietetics I would like to reach out to the community and help people make healthy choices. In addition I’d like to make a difference in today’s youth. In the future, I hope to remain involved in programs where I can interact with students and help them become researchers themselves. My love of research started when I was able to have hands on experience working in a lab. I hope I can pass this gift on to younger, inquisitive minds.


Alisa KingAlisa King Photo

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Major(s): Bacteriology
Research Experience:
Amy Wong Lab, Bacteriology, UW-Madison (2009 - Present)
Mahidol University, Department of Bacteriology, Bangkok, Thailand. Dr. Arunee Thitithanyanont (May 2011 - Aug 2011)

Current Research Project: “Enumeration of Naturally-Occurring Filaments and Filamentation of Salmonella on Various Food Surfaces” (Wong Lab, Bacteriology)

Previous Research Projects:
“Growth and Filament Formation by Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium strain M-09-0001A-1 under stressful conditions” (Wong Lab, Bacteriology)
“Optimization of Plaque Reduction Assay for Influenza Virus Sensitivity to Neuraminidase Inhibitors Using Avicel As a Medium” (Arunee Lab, Microbiology)

Research Presentations & Publications:
“Growth and Survival of Filamentous Salmonella in Stressful Conditions”
Undergraduate Research Symposium 2009-2010
Biology 152 Undergraduate Research Symposium 2009-2010
Food Research Institute Symposium 2009-2010

Service and Leadership Activities:
MANN Scholar Alumni
Secretary of MANRRS-CALS 2011-2012
President of MANRRS-CALS 2010-2011
Secretary of MANRRS-CALS 2009-2010
Per Mar Volunteering at UW-Madison football games

Clubs and Organizations:
Microbiology Club
Japanese Club
Creating Excellence in Leadership in Science (CELS)

About Me:
I am currently a senior majoring in Bacteriology for I have always loved the microscopic world and the wonderful complexities of bacteria. Right now I am working with a strain of Salmonella isolated from a recent peanut butter outbreak and seeing if the bacterium filaments on various food surfaces. In my spare time I like to play video games, read, write, eat, sleep

Gabrielle Lehrer-BreyGabriell Lehrer-Brey Photo

Hometown: Chilton, WI

Current Research Project:"Effects of round gobies on invertebrate populations in streams"

Research Presentations & Publications:

"Diet Analysis of the Round Goby" Oral Presentation
IBS-SRP Symposium, Madison WI, July 2009
“Does Individuality Increase Success of Invaders? Individual diet specialization in Rusty Crayfish” Oral presentation
UW-Madison Undergraduate Symposium, Madison WI, April 2010
“Does individuality increase success of invaders? Individual diet specialization in Rusty Crayfish” Poster presentation
ASLO/NABS 2010 Summer Meeting, Santa Fe NM, June 2010

Clubs and Organizations:
Geography Club

About Me:
I am doing undergraduate research in the Vander Zanden Lab at the Center for Limnology at UW-Madison. My research has focused on invasive species and their impacts on invertebrate communities. Outside of the lab I enjoy music, art, traveling and reading.

Joshua SanchezJoshua Sanchez Photo

Hometown: Marathon, WI
Major(s): Physics & Neurobiology

Current Research Project: 'Arousal Analysis in NREM Parasomnia with hd-EEG'

Research Presentations & Publications:
"Sleep, Learning, and Depression" Undergraduate Research Symposium, UW Madison, April 2010.

"Learning a Visuomotor Task Requires Deep, Slow Wave Sleep", Posters in the Rotunda, Madison, WI, March 2012.

"Impaired visuomotor learning in major depressive disorder: a high-density EEG investigation",  UQAM Cognitive Science Summer Institute, Montreal Canada, July 2012.


Service and Leadership Activities:
Mentor and mentee in the Undergraduate Research and Mentoring program. 

Peer mentor for the course “Entering Research” which assists underclassmen in science.

3 years experience as a Physics tutor in the Physics Learning Center.


About Me:
I am absolutely fascinated by both physics to neuroscience, and my goal is to continue studying both throughout my career. My main study breaks have been playing electric guitar with several groups, and practicing traditional Chinese kung fu.  I’ve lived in 4 countries and speak Spanish and some Italian and Chinese.  I’m very excited both to do research at the graduate level and to continue teaching undergraduates, with the goal of becoming a neuro-physics professor.




Sonia CareySonia Trevino-Dopatka Photo

Hometown: Knoxville, TN
Major(s): Biochemistry

Current Research Project:
"Comparing motility of Proteus mirabilis swimmer and swarmer cells in viscous media"

Research Presentations & Publications:
2010 SACNAS Conference: poster presenter
(SACNAS: Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science)

Poster title: Detecting microbial activity by RNA extraction from marine sediments.

Manuscript in preparation: The effect of sub minimum inhibitory concentration of ciprofloxacin concentrations on enteroaggregative Escherichia coli and the role of the surface protein dispersin Extracurricular and Service Activities:
Schools of Hope 7th grade Tutor
"Evangelicum" a cappella choir
Research Experience:
Weibel Lab-Biochemistry (UW-Madison) (Sept 2009-present)
Oregon State University REU in Geomicrobiology (Summer 2010)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Summer 2008, 2009)

About Me:
Growing up in a trilingual family, I have developed a fascination with foreign language and culture. In my free time I enjoy anything outdoors: running, biking, gardening, camping. I also love to play classical violin for personal enjoyment and in the choir at Mass on Sundays. This summer in Oregon I was able to branch out into another genre of music by taking traditional Irish fiddle lessons. But where would this musician be without some science to keep her sane? My longtime interest in Biology and more recently Chemistry has led me to toward research. I am astounded by the fact that there are 10 times as many microbial cells as human cells in our bodies.

Mary WaltonMary Walton Photo

Hometown: Madison, WI
Major(s): Pharmacology & Toxicology

Current Research Project: "Natural Product Synthesis"

Research Presentations & Publications:
"Determining the roles of proenkephalin-like gene in zebrafish neuronal axon formation and guidance" Undergraduate Research Symposium, Madison WI, April 2010
"Nanoparticle Coatings: A Solution to the Leaching Problem" Undergraduate Research Symposium, Madson WI, April 2009.
Hayashi R., Walton M. C., *Hsung R. P., Schwab J. H., Yu X. (2010) Stereoselective 6π-Electron Electrocyclic Ring Closures of 2-Halo-Amidotrienes via a Remote 1,6-Asymmetric Induction. Organic Letters. Volume, No., and pages: TBA
Service and Leadership Activities:
Regular blood donor

Clubs and Organizations:
Physics club (Spring 2010-Present)
Undergraduate Biochemistry Student Organization (Fall 2010-Present)
WUD Global Connections (Fall 2010-Present)
Sigma Alpha Lambda National Leadership and Honors Organization

About Me:
I enjoy exploring new frontiers. I have visited twelve countries and like to think in the abstract. Some of my interests include studying plants and animals (especially the octopus). Since I became a vegetarian, I have developed a habit of healthier cooking. That doesn’t stop me from baking, however. I’m a hard worker and enjoy listening to a variety of music.


Cohort 3

Mehmet BadurMehmet Badur Photo

Hometown: Moline, IL
Major(s): Microbiology

Current Research Project: “Substrate stiffness affects the contractility of human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes”

Research Presentations & Publications:
“Substrate Stiffness affects Contractility of Stem Cell-derived Cardiomyocytes” Undergraduate Research Symposium, 2011

Service and Leadership Activities:
Chancellor’s Scholarship Program
Leaders in Engineering Excellence and Diversity

Clubs and Organizations:
President, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineering
American Institute of Chemical Engineers

About Me:
I'm currently a junior in Chemical and Biological Engineering. My research is in the effects of physical stimuli on cardiomyocyte differentiation and maturation. And I have always been interested in how we can apply engineering techniques to better understand biology and modulate biological processes. In my space time, I like to obsess about my sports teams, find time to cook, and enjoy my bike.

Taylor BanhTaylor Banh Photo

Hometown: Janesville, WI
Major(s): Dietetics

Current Research Project:
“In the process of proposing a senior thesis.”

Research Presentations & Publications:
“Obligatory increases in energy expenditure of MGAT2 deficient mice lead to increased food intake on low-fat diet” UW-Madison Undergraduate Symposium, April 2011

Nelson DW, Gao Y, Spencer NM, Banh T, *Yen CL. (2011)
“Deficiency of MGAT2 increases energy expenditure without high-fat feeding and protects genetically obese mice from excessive weight gain.” September 2011, The Journal of Lipid Research, 52, 1723-1732.

Service and Leadership Activities:
Science club leader at Emerson Elementary School (through Adult Role Models in Science Program)
Human Resources Officer of Asian-American Student Union

Clubs and Organizations:
Vietnamese Student Association
Asian-American Student Union

About Me:
I am a 2009 graduate of Milton High School and a class of 2013 student here at the University of Wisconsin. I’m majoring in Dietetics while taking additional courses related to the Nutritional Sciences major in order to prepare myself for graduate school. I’m an avid fan of the Packers, Brewers, and of course the Badgers! In my limited free time I like to hang out with friends, work out, or just catch up on sleep. I’m an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Eric Yen’s lab of the Nutritional Sciences Department. Currently, I’m in the process of developing and proposing a senior thesis to begin working on, and my future plan is to attend graduate school here or at another prestigious research university to study nutrition. My life goal is to cure the obesity epidemic, or at least make a strong impact towards defeating it.

Yuli ChenYuli Chen Photo

Hometown: Worthington, MN
Major: Biochemistry
Current Research Project: “Role of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) on the immune response and granuloma formation during Mycobacterium infection: Implications for the development of better and more effective treatments for tuberculosis using VEGF”


UW-Madison Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Fall 2010-present
UW-Madison IBS-SRP, Summer 2011

“Investigation on the aggressiveness of the native populations of the biocontrol fungus Coniothyrium minitans on the fungal pathogen Sclerotinia sclerotiorum: Implications for the efficacy of the commercial biocontrol formulation, Contans WGã”

UW-Madison Department of Plant Pathology, Fall 2009-Fall 2010
URS program
PI: Dr. Paul Esker, Mentor: Dr. Angelique Peltier

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Fall 2009-Spring 2010

UW-Madison/USDA Plant Genetics Lab
PI: Dr. Phil Simon

Research Presentations & Publications:
“Role of VEGF on the immune response and granuloma formation during chronic Mycobacterium infection”
Integrated Biological Sciences-Summer Research Program
Poster presentation, June 2011, Talk, August 2011

“VEGF regulation over the murine acute immune response to Mycobacterium infection”
o Undergraduate Research Symposium talk, April 2011

“Aggressiveness of Contans WGã and native Coniothyrium minitans isolates on Sclerotinia sclerotiorum”
o Undergraduate Research Symposium poster presentation, April 2010

Service and Leadership Activities:
Volunteering at the American Family Children’s Hospital June 2011-present
Volunteering at My Lady of Hope Clinic, Madison WI, will start in late fall
Asian American Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Fall 2009-present

About Me:
Someone close to me always said to me: “You can never dream big enough.” So I had many dreams. Although my dreams have changed over the years, the pursuit has never ceased. Growing up, my family was not the most fortunate but one life-changing event had the ability to rewrite our futures. I feel very fortunate to be able to pursue whatever my heart desires and I think that it is my responsibility to make it available to others through inspirations and contributions to society. We all have the potential to make a difference and I’ve learned that my place is in science. Our dream needs to challenge us, inspire us, and change others but most importantly, change ourselves. Science for me does all of that and more. To understand the world around us and using that knowledge to save a child from disease, to reduce pollution, to bring fresh water to a family half way around the world— the potential for change is endless but any change at all is my ultimate dream.

Margaret Neri DebrauskeMargaret Debrauske Photo

Hometown: Madison, WI
Major: Food and Bioprocess Engineering

Current Research Project:

Research Presentations & Publications:
UW-Madison, Undergraduate Research Symposium
2009 Shelf-Life Study of Whey Protein Enhanced Sports Drinks
2010 Procream and Delactosed Permeate Enhanced Ice Cream Study
2011 Ice Crystallization Modeling of Ice Cream Freezers
Sensory Analysis of Whey Protein Enhanced Beverages Study

Research Experiences:
Advisor: Rich Hartel, Ph.D., Food Science and Food Engineering
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Methods Involving Ice Crystal Formations- Using computer programs to develop models to simulate the liquid flow and heat transfer in ice cream freezers.
Procream and Delactosed Permeate Enhanced Ice Cream Study- Understanding the chemical properties, shelf stability and sensory attributes of Procream and DLP in ice cream compared to industry produced ice cream.

Advisor: Mark Etzel, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering
Shelf Life Study- Analyzed the effect acidity levels had on heat treated, whey protein isolate solutions.
Sensory Analysis Project- Designed, conducted and evaluated sensory analysis of whey protein enhanced beverages and traditional beverages containing similar ingredients.

Kraft Intern, Summer 2011
Research, Development & Quality- New Product Development
Nestle Leadership Symposium- May 2010
UW Big Ten & NCAA Athletics- Rowing
University of Wisconsin Orchestra
Treasurer of the National Society of Minorities in Agricultural, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANNRS)- 2010-2011
Volunteer, UW Recycling Ambassadors- 2008
Volunteer, Oakwood Village Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Madison, WI

About Me:
For as long as my parents installed cable in the house, I have been obsessed with the Food Network and the Travel Channel. I am not only interested in the science and the sensory aspects of food, but also the history behind the different drinks or dishes, and the flavors and spices behind those foods. I believe food is a significant reflection in a society’s culture and lifestyles, and in my free time I love to learn about them. I try to find a variety of restaurants or make dishes from a cookbook for my friends and family so we can get together and enjoy new cuisines.

Momodou JammehMomodou Jammeh Photo

Hometown: Madison, WI
Major(s): Biochemistry

Current Research Project:
“Signaling requirements for the generation of CD8+ T cell memory.”

Service and Leadership Activities:
Adult Role Models in Science - Science club leader

Clubs and Organizations:
Muslim Students Association
Intramural Soccer

About Me:
Immunology is the most intriguing subject I have studied so far: immunoglobulins (antibodies), antigens, cytokines and their interactions with the cells that produce them or respond to their signals just blew my mind. As such, I settled on biochemistry as my major. I am a senior and I'm looking forward to graduating in May, 2012 and spending a year doing research before going to medical school. I speak jola, mandinka and wollof , which are widely spoken in Gambia, where I grew up. I am a big soccer fan and I play when I can.



Cohort 4


Eric AllenEric Allen photo

Hometown: Port Washington, WI

Current Research Project: TBD

Research Presentations & Publications:
Coming Soon!

Service and Leadership Activities:
Coming Soon!

About Me:
Some hobbies of mine include sports like running, basketball, and softball. I also enjoy fishing over the summer in my hometown when I make it back. I also like hunting on the rare occasion I get to go. Anything involving the outdoors usually sparks my interest. I also enjoy reading. After my days as an undergraduate I hope to move on to graduate school in organic chemistry, which are the classes I have enjoyed most so far.


Tom BryanTom Bryan college photo Tom Bryan babt photo

Hometown: La Crosse, WI -or- Knoxville, TN
Major(s): Microbiology

Current Research Project(s): Interspecific RNAi as a method for reverse fungal genetics in Glomus intraradices and Daucus carota (Ané Lab)
Carbon Cycle in a Jar: K-12 educational materials (in collaboration with Alec Walker, Shahen Sutterwala, Dolly Ledin, and John Glaeser

Research Presentations & Publications:
"Bottle Biology: a collaborative approach." Undergraduate Research Symposium, Madison, WI, April 12, 2011
"Characterization of Medicago truncatula RopGEFs and their role in root endosymbiosis." American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB). Minneapolis, MN. August, 2011; Kenneth B. Raper Symposium. Madison, WI, August 2011
"Positron Emission Tomography (PET) of Radiotracer Uptake and Distribution in Living Plants: Methodological Aspects." International Conference on Nuclear Analytical Methods in the Life Sciences (NAMLS). Bangkok, Thailand. January, 2012

Service and Leadership Activities:
Bottle biologist and Outreacher for Wisconsin Fast Plant Program (Jan 2011-Present)
Peer Mentor of After School Science Club Leaders (Fall 2011)
Peer Mentor in Biology Core Curriculum (Fall 2011)
Seminar Leader for Cole Hall's GreenHouse (Fall 2011)
Summer Science Institute Mentor (Summer 2011)

Clubs and Organizations:
Founding a BottleBiologyClub currently!

About Me:
School-aholic, science geek, plant bomber, bon vivant, naturalist, audiophile, mango-eater, wanderer.



Margaret Durowmargaret durow photo

Hometown: Lake Mills, WI
Major(s): Biological Aspects of Conservation and Environmental Studies

Current Research Project:
"Analyzing charcoal pigments in lake sediments to reconstruct historical records of fire."


Research Presentations & Publications:
Coming Soon!

Service and Leadership Activities:
Invasive species removal, Community Church Garden

About Me:
I am concerned with the human-driven loss of biodiversity currently happening, and what can be done to sustain ecosystems on Earth. I am interested in the way humans interact with the land, and the history and values that have shaped this. I love music, movies, photography, laying in the grass, forests, fog, swimming in a lake, antique photos and lemonade. I take pictures to explore my own interactions with my surroundings, and to show that everything is constantly changing and connected.



Alberto GuerraAlberto Guerra photo

Hometown: Woodbury, MN
Major(s): Biochemistry

Current Research Project: "Fatty-Acyl Carnitine Mediated Insulin Secretion"

Research Presentations & Publications:
"Changes in mRNA expression in relation to different levels of paracellular absorption in response to environmental stress in Mus musculus." Integrated Biological Sciences Summer Research Opportunity (IBS-SRP) Program. August 2011

Service and Leadership Activities:
Summer Stretch Group Leader
UW Men's Club Soccer Winter Team Captain


Clubs and Organizations:
UW Men's Club Soccer
Student Affiliates of The American Chemical Society

About Me:
I am a junior biochemistry with a passion for science and sports. After doing research this summer in Dr. Karasov's physiology lab, I knew that I wanted to continue doing research and go to graduate school for pharmaceutical sciences or biochemistry research after graduation. My project this past summer was investigating the molecular mechanism of paracellular absorption by determining how gene expression of mRNA changed in mice when their levels or paracellular absorption changed due to cold conditions and my current project is investigating the cellular regulation cascade in pancreatic beta cells which controls insulin secretion. My research interests include areas that bridge biology, chemistry and pharmaceutical studies such as cellular cascade and regulation, disease, genetics, and drug development/delivery. My passion for soccer has led me to help co-found the first UW Men's Club Soccer team in which we will be competing at the national level this next fall.



Emily LingemanEmily Lingeman photo

Hometown: Brookfield, WI
Major(s): Biochemistry

Current Research Project:
Abortive cycling in the transcription process


Research Presentations & Publications:

Service and Leadership Activities:
Circle K International, Vice President
Center for First Year Experience, Peer Leader


Clubs and Organizations:
Circle K International
Undergraduate Research Scholars, 2010-2011
Hoofers Sailing


About Me:
My time during freshman year in the Record Lab revealed a new-found interest—research. I find the entire research process, from coming up with a hypothesis to trying to understand the results, very intriguing. Along with researching, I also spend a lot of time volunteering. With Circle K, a member of the Kiwanis Organization, I have the fortunate opportunity of volunteering all around Madison and connecting with the community.


Yamini Karandikar

Hometown: Neenah, WI
Major(s): Biochemistry

Current Research Project:
"Effects of climate change on insect-plant relations"


Research Presentations & Publications:


Service and Leadership Activities:
Habitat for Humanity

Clubs and Organizations:
Hoofer Outing Club
Wisconsin International Scholars
Intramural Sports

About Me:
One of my favorite quotes is, "Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time." I love traveling and the outdoors, and enjoy activities including canoeing, backpacking, biking, and hiking. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to study abroad and learn about other cultures.


Jeanet Ugalde

Hometown: Madison, WI

Current Research Project: The Use of bumetanide to inhibit astrocyte proliferation and pain induction following spinal cord injury


Research Presentations & Publications:
"The role of CB1 and CB2 receptors in edimis response following spinal cord" Undergraduate Research Symposium, Madison, WI, April 2010

Service and Leadership Activities:
High School tutor

Clubs and Organizations
Coming soon!

About Me:

  • "You have to work hard in order to get what you want.” My mom doesn’t stress this enough on me and I think I am so used to this quote that I unconsciously work extra hard every day.
  • Favorite Food- I love food I would eat anything.
  • Favorite Movie- The Last Song
  • Favorite Candy- 3 Musketeers Chocolate
  • Hobbies- Love weightlifting and Running, cannot forget Reading
  • I am a morning person, likes to wake up super early otherwise my day would feel so short.
  • If I could be someone/something else, I would be a bird because I would be able to spread my wings and fly.
  • I am shy, confident, and super friendly.
  • During my life time I would love to reach out to the community and help those in need