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Wisconsin Program for Scientific Teaching

About the Wisconsin Program for Scientific Teaching

The goal of the Wisconsin Program for Scientific Teaching is to enhance undergraduate biology education by training a new generation of "scientific teachers," namely faculty and instructors who bring the rigor and spirit of science research to teaching.  We invite the participation of faculty, staff, graduate students, and postdocs to build community and skills related to teaching and learning. 


Teaching Fellows Program: Graduate students and postdocs partner with a UW course to develop innovative and effective ways to teach biology.  Participants work together to teach the materials, evaluate student learning, and disseminate the final products. This is a year-long program.

Scientific Teaching Course: Novice teaching assistants meet concurrently with their first-time TA experience throughout one semester to learn survival skills and knowledge about teaching and learning.

Scientific Teaching Postdoc Program: Postdocs develop advanced skills in teaching, in addition to skills in facilitation, communication, and leadership in science education reform.  Participants co-facilitate faculty work at the National Academies Summer Institutes and subsequently lead and evaluate their own teaching workshops. This is a summer and fall semester program.

Resources and Publications 

Scientific Teaching Digital Library: A repository of instructional materials developed by the Teaching Fellows for a variety of biology courses at UW-Madison. All materials have been taught, reviewed, and evaluated.

Scientific Teaching Book Series:  A series of professional titles designed for university scientists to support them in teaching and learning. Authored and edited by staff at the Institute for Biology Education.
Templates and resources for building instructional materials.

Papers:  We have published several papers about initiatives born at the Wisconsin Program for Scientific Teaching and their impact. Most papers also include descriptions of how to adapt the programs or instructional materials for your institution or course context.

A Tiny World Video: What do people really think about microbes? Watch this series of responses to short interview questions to find out! A great tool for teaching about microbiology and evolution created by an HHMI Teaching Fellow.

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Center for Scientific Teaching: This sister program of the Wisconsin Program for Scientific Teaching is led by Professor Jo Handelsman and her team of colleagues at Yale Unversity.


For more information, contact Lillian Tong.