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Creating Connections in the Biological Sciences

The biological sciences are spread all across campus, and it’s not always easy to connect with the people and opportunities that can make a difference in your education. The BioCommons offers a gathering space on the lower level of Steenbock Library and a collection of online resources at that help make it easier to navigate and find your place in the bio-landscape. It's kind of like a Bio GPS...except smarter, and with actual people (and there are plants on the walls and fish, so it's a nice place to hang out).

You can find:

  • events that get you involved beyond the classroom, exploring careers, and connecting with peers
  • peer leaders who've been there and can give you the real story 
  • advising and other services (without having to make multiple trips across campus)
  • information about opportunities and tips for taking advantage of them

It's a place to go when you're not sure where to start.

A Cross-Campus Collaboration

The BioCommons is a collaboration initiated by WISCIENCE and Steenbock Library, with initial funding provided by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Units across campus that serve students in the biological sciences can:

  • bring services and events to a central location with which students are already familiar
  • connect with colleagues and form networks for exchange of information, coordination of efforts, and collaborative solutions
  • take advantage of publicity support, a student newsletter, a website, and literature displays

If you want to connect with bioscience students, the BioCommons is for you. You just might find something to make your job a little easier.