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Biology-Related Student Organizations

Provides a searchable database of current organizations that provide academic assistance at UW-Madison.
The Adult Role Models in Science Program at WISCIENCE is an outreach program that focuses on providing scientific mentoring to local elementary and middle school youth. Badgers Encouraging Youth in Science (BEYS) is the program's affiliated student organization.
The Agricultural Business Management Club at UW-Madison is a group of motivated students interested in careers involving Agriculture and Business. The objectives of the Club shall be to promote a close relationship among students, interested in agricultural business, and faculty, encourage leadership, professionalism, and foster knowledge of the role of a business professional in an agricultural related field.
AHANA stands for African, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American. We are grounded in the belief of providing students with an essential, well-rounded perspective of the healthcare field, enriching experiences, and community service opportunites. AHANA strives to provide platforms for undergraduates to share experiences common to students entering health professions. AHANA facilitates social and educational meetings to facilitate fellowship among students interested in minority health concerns.
Alpha Chi Sigma is a co-ed professional chemistry fraternity founded at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1902. Alpha Chi Sigma is a national organization with chapters across the country and has numerous faculty members on campus in the Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Biochemistry departments. Alpha Chi Sigma strives for the advancement of chemistry both as a science and as a profession, providing a free chemistry tutoring program and involving itself in both science and non-academic outreach events. Alpha Chi Sigma is an academic organization, but is also a great place to form friendships with people with an interest in chemistry and science overall. We have members with a very diverse range of majors including Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Neuroscience, Botany, Food Science, Wildlife Ecology, History of Science, Plant Pathology, and more! 
Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED) is the National Premedical Honor Society. The UW-Madison Beta Chapter of AED welcomes all students interested in healthcare and offers a plethora of opportunities on campus. AED holds biweekly meetings (featuring physician speakers) and weekly social and volunteer events.
Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED) is the National Premedical Honor Society. The UW-Madison Beta Chapter of AED welcomes all students interested in healthcare and offers a plethora of opportunities on campus. AED holds biweekly meetings (featuring physician speakers) and weekly social and volunteer events.
AAPS seeks to empower students and professionals alike through continued education which provide diverse perspectives in the field of pharmaceutical sciences through speaking events, meetings, master classes, debates, literature circles, professional forums, social engagements, professional development, training, roundtable discussions, and other events. The purpose of these events with respect to the UW-Madison student chapter is to expand our knowledge base and perspective about pharmaceutical sciences to prepare students who will be successful professionals in the field.
As the official student chapter of the American Chemical Society at UW-Madison, it shall be the purpose of the chapter to facilitate opportunities for students in the chemical sciences to become better acquainted, to promote the learning and advancement of chemistry, to obtain experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences, to instill a professional pride in the chemical sciences, and to foster an awareness of the responsibilities and challenges that face the modern chemist. The chapter recognizes all the divisions of chemistry and shall always be based in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.
The mission of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) is to substantially increase the representation of American Indians and Alaskan Natives in engineering, science, and other related technology disciplines. Through the quality and reach of its programs and the longevity and devoted commitment of its “family,” AISES is the undisputed leader in STEM opportunity in Indian Country. Members from over 200 tribal nations are represented within AISES, and AISES enjoys the support and partnership of corporate, government, academic, and tribal decision-makers.
The nonprofit American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is the principal society and voice serving the aerospace profession. Its primary purpose is to advance the arts, sciences, and technology of aeronautics and astronautics and to foster and promote the professionalism of those engaged in these pursuits. AIAA is a global organization with nearly 30,000 individual professional members, over 50 corporate members, thousands of customers worldwide, and an active international outreach. Here at the UW, we are a small, student run organization supported by the College of Engineering and in particular by the Department of Engineering Physics.
The American Medical Student Association is here to help each premedical student prepare for medical school through volunteering, leadership, and research opportunities; MCAT preparation; and build
The American Meteorological Society, UW-Madison chapter exists to connect together those interested in weather and climate sciences and/or majoring in the department.  We do this through a variety
For any student interested in engineering for agriculture, food and biological systems.  
To expand student knowledge and understanding of animal behavior, across all species.
We aim to promote anthropology as both a four-field academic discipline and, more generally, as an integrative approach to critical thought and action.  Our initiatives include one-time events such
Spreading and growing the passion of the aquarium hobby. We cherish the artistic and scientific ecology of aquarium life.
Provide undergraduate students interested in pursuing a nursing degree with opportunities to learn about the profession, prepare for application to the UW School of Nursing, serve the community, an
The purpose of AWA is to help its members prepare for a career in agriculture and agriculture-related fields; to aid women in agriculture in achieving their goals; to improve communication among wo
Autism Speaks U is a program that supports students, faculty and alumni in their awareness, advocacy and fundraising efforts for Autism Speaks.
The Badger Dairy Club (BDC) is one of the largest student organizations at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
The Purpose of Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society is to function as an honor and professional society for students of the biological sciences.
Promotes the increase of biomedical engineering knowledge and its utilization by encouraging students who are interested in the application of science and engineering principles to medicine.
A gathering of undergraduate and graduate students who enjoy spending time with all forms of life, especially plants.
Provides UW-Madison students with volunteering opportunities around our and other communities.
A great resource for those intending to pursue a career in research and/or health.
The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) Student Association is an organized, unified voice for all students interested in agricultural and life sciences at the University of Wisconsin-
Climate Action 350 UW aims to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to sustainable levels, specifically 350 parts per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide.
A voice for agriculture on the UW-Madison Campus, Collegiate Farm Bureau works to promote agriculture among fellow students. As a group we discuss agriculture policy and current events.
An official Collegiate chapter of the national Future Farmers of America organization.
A fun atmosphere for applying engineering principles learned in the classroom, along with learning and practicing necessary team and project management skills.
The goal of the DNC is to strengthen the relationship between club members and professionals in the field of dietetics, encourage leadership and initiative, and provide a social network for student
Our primary purpose is to promote physical therapy, wellness, disability awareness and disease prevention by performing community service, fundraising and education to communities around the world.
Started in 1937, Ducks Unlimited (DU) is the world's leader in wetlands and waterfowl conservation.
We exist to connect students and student organizations that have an active interest in energy issues, making energy events and information more accessible to students, and providing a forum for ope
Engineering World Health (EWH) has been created to improve health care specifically in disavantaged areas by creating, repairing and educating those about medical technology.  Any student, scientis
The Environmental Law Society's mission is to provide students with exposure to issues within law, policy, and science related to the study of environmental law and confronting legal professionals
Promote interdisciplinary collaboration, community awareness of scientific principles, and networking of future professionals with an emphasis on the environmental sciences.
Our mission is to establish the relationship between land, food, and community on the UW-Madison campus as well as the surrounding Madison community through the Student Farm located in the Eagle He
Approximately 60 active undergraduate and graduate students from Food Science, Dairy Science, Agricultural Engineering, Marketing/Agribusiness, Microbiology, and other food related majors.
The purpose of this club is to learn about and appreciate forensic science in fun and interesting ways. We also wish to educate the public about forensic science.
FIMRC UW-Madison is a student organization run by undergraduate students.
Our mission is to work with licensed medical and dental professionals and community health workers to provide comprehensive health services in rural communities with limited access to healthcare.
Global Public Health Brigades is a global health volunteer organization that provides students with the opportunity to improve the quality of life in rural communities around the world through sust
GlobeMed is a  student-led non-profit organization with 54 chapters nationwide.
Dedicated to empowering students as active, independent learners and to cultivate a prosperous educational environment.
The Healthcare Management Student Association aims to educate and prepare students for successful, meaningful careers in the growing field of Healthcare Management.
Provides resources, networking opportunities, and a forum to discuss legal issues for students interested in health and public health law.
HOSA - UW Madison encompasses all pre-health-care students on campus, and aims to create well-rounded members and leaders.
The Health Professions Society is an organization of students who have come together to create learning experiences from their shared interest in medicine and healthcare.
It shall be the purpose of this club to interest and acquaint students with career opportunities and requirements in the field of Pomology, Olericulture, Ornamental Horticulture, and other related
Promote knowledge concerning the characteristics of human beings that are applicable to the design of systems and devices of all kinds.
The IAC is a forum for raising awareness, and encouraging frank and constructive discussion, on agricultural development, food security and poverty alleviation in a global context.  Bringing togeth
To foster a community in which nursing students can gather to share experiences, thoughts, and concerns with each other on a regular basis.
IAS aims to facilitate more transdisciplinary interactions between students majoring in both the arts and the sciences.
To investigate career opportunities within the fields of exercise science, athletic training, and physical education. It also wishes to promote physical activity within the club and community.
It shall be the purpose of KAFES to recognize and encourage academic excellence, promote further academic achievement in engineering and science field, and provide opportunities of social activitie
Our student organization is a scholarly organization where students get together and discuss recent biochemistry or any biology-related topics or literature.
Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS), is a student organization open to all University of Wisconsin students.  Our goal is to assists members with developing t
The purpose of the Molecular Archaeology Group - Student Association (MAG-SA) is to cultivate awareness and interest in molecular archaeology at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.
MBSA provides undergraduate students at UW-Madison with tools to assist in learning and opportunities to expand their scientific knowledge, prepare for potential careers relating to the subject mat
Provides university students with the opportunity to mentor area youth from local community groups.
MAPP provides an opportunity for undergraduates interested in pharmacy and pharmacy students to come together and broaden their cultural perspective.
Our aim is to provide a safe environment for students to discuss issues related to diversity.
To educate, advocate, and support students on matters of mental health. We educate by spreading the word about the reality of mental health.
A pre-professional membership association for students interested in the study of communication sciences and disorders. NSSLHA is dedicated to professionalism, community, and service.
The purpose of the Ocular Research and Ophthalmology club is for students interested in ocular healthcare and/or research to have a facilitated further learning about professions in this field of i
A world wide network of volunteers who provide free medical help to children with facial deformities from third world countries.
Promote the interests of LGBTQ individuals in the campus community by raising awareness, promoting professional development, and fostering the development of social connections.
An organization for students who are interested in fossils and prehistoric life.
A professional student organization that establishes and runs FREE small group study sessions led by Peer Facilitators.
Develops leaders to advance the profession of pharmacy. Phi Delta Chi, a lifelong experience, promotes scholastic, professional, and social growth in its Brothers.
The National Pharmacy Leadership Society. PLS is committed to fostering leadership development in the pharmacy field, as well as recognizing leaders in the community for their accomplishments.
The goal of the club is to promote discussion, exploration and interactive learning on topics related to physiology and medicine.
Plant Pathology Undergraduate Club aims to build relationships among plant path students and students interested in plant sciences at UW-Madison and provide them with opportunities to explore the c
Promote interest in poultry and the poultry industry through farm visits, social events, product making, and various other activities.
PDS is a student-run organization with the intention of being a guide toward available resources and pre-dental opportunities that will help students orient themselves toward a career in dental med
Helps pre-meds connect with local medical students and physicians, while providing them experiences to learn about a career in medicine, guidance along their undergraduate education, and ample oppo
Dedicated to creating awareness of Occupational Therapy and guiding students who are potentially interested in a career in Occupational Therapy.
To facilitate and educate students in their pursuit of a career in Optometry; by providing opportunities to learn more about the profession, assistance in their preparation for Optometry school, fi
Brings together students interested in various aspects of the field of Pharmacy.
To provide an opportunity for students to explore the diverse facets and careers of veterinary medicine.
We provide resources for, but not exclusively to, Latino/a students at UW who aspire to go into a career in medicine.
PRIDE in Healthcare - Undergraduates is an organization that aims to educate students about the diversity of sexuality and gender and to promote accurate and culturally competent inclusion of LGBTQ
The International Honor Society in Psychology, founded in 1929 to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship while advancing the science of psychology.
Provides help to students interested in psychology to become more involved with the field, the UW Psychology Department, the major and others with similar interests.
The team builds a tractor each year for the international quarter scale competition during early summer in Peoria IL
Focused on sustainability. Through education, volunteering and activism, REthink hopes to reduce waste and increase mindful environmental practices on campus and throughout the world.
An anti-poverty think tank. Using greening tactics, we recover food and other assets to agencies fighting poverty, increasing their operating budgets.
Serves as a liaison and facilitates exchange of ideas and information between students, organizations and faculty. The senate also coordinates all-school social and professional events.
The mission of the Sierra Student Coalition (UW Madison) is to encourage students to explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the Earth by providing a forum for environmental education, discu
As a student organization housed within CALS, Sigma Alpha prepares women in agriculture and life sciences for a career after college.
Everyone eats, and what we eat affects not only our well being and health, but also the environment, economy and society.
The Society of Undergraduate Researchers aims to help students get involved with research, enhance their research experience, prepare for research-related careers, provide mentoring opportunities, and in general support fellow undergraduates involved in research. We will meet twice a month to accomplish these aims by having guest speakers, holding events, allowing less experienced students to gain advice from more experienced researchers, providing opportunities for feedback on presentations/papers/applications, and discussing various aspects of the research experience.
Welcomes any student interested in soils to hear from professional speakers, interact with students of similar interests, engage in the community, and to learn about soils and related topics.
The SPIE/OSA Student Chapter of UW-Madison strives to bring students together with common interests of optics, photonics, and instrumentation.
A professional student organization dedicated to advancing the education and training of future Audiologists.
We are a club for those interested in the outdoors with an emphasis in wildlife and wildlife ecology.
Student Emergency Medical Services offers its members opportunities to gain emergency medical knowledge by demonstrating EMS skills at each meeting and bringing in expert speakers in the field.
SHOW is one of the first, all-encompassing health organizations on campus that is run by students.
Fosters the professional development of future registered nurses and helps to enhance their entrance into the profession by providing educational resources, leadership opportunities, and career gui
To promote stem cell research in the community.
Provides resources and opportunities to students on ways to decrease energy consumption in order to minimize one's carbon footprint.
To find a cure for childhood cancer and related blood disorders through ciritical funding for research.
SPICE is a chemistry outreach group comprised of undergraduates that performs demo shows throughtout Dane county.  Members in our group are not required to be chemistry majors.  Demo shows consist
Advocating for increased public and private support of neurodegenerative research and public policy initiatives that responds to the needs of people with neurodegenerative diseases as well as educa
TEDx was created by TED in order to allow local communities the opportunity to come together and share a TED-like experience.
Dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.
The Undergraduate Biochemistry Student Organization (UBSO) was created as a community group for students interested in biochemistry, but involved in many different fields of science.  Members of UB
An academic club which promotes networking, volunteer events, science outreach, career exploration, peer mentoring, social events, and research on campus. We are more than your average stop codon!
We are a group of students who love to be outdoors and are passionate about Earth Sciences. Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings, field trips, and social events.
To expand the amount of interest and knowledge about the neurological sciences in a fun, informal group setting. All majors welcome!
Explores the many diverse fields of zoology for undergraduates interested in careers associated with zoology.
The University Wellness Foundation is aimed at the recruitment of collegiate individuals for the purpose of providing educational and recreational activities for underprivileged youth in the Madiso
A nonprofit organization that mobilizes students to provide aid to poor communities in Vietnam by volunteering locally and internationally.
A group aimed at providing clean water and improved health to our partner communities in Uganda.
A national organization dedicated to the union of medicine and outdoor adventure.
An ad hoc group students from across the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus who are interested in ecology.
An inclusive organization that seeks to generate and advance psychological knowledge and fosters its effective application for the benefit of the Latina/o population.
Students have the opportunity to travel to poverty stricken locations to participate in mobile medical, educational, and developmental projects.
A multidisciplinary student organization that specializes in the design, construction, and programming of autonomous robots.
Seeks to connect the Women in Science and Engineering Learning Community Alum so we can better both each other and our community.
We strive to promote and advocate for women in medicine, to educate health care professionals on the gender disparities in medicine and to discuss policies and approaches to improve gender discrepa