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Leadership and Community

Resources for Networking & Community

Leadership Opportunities

Find a Community or Create Your Own

Communities and peer groups based on identities, hobbies, activism, housing, and other factors can be great, but a discipline-based community of support is key. Pursuing a degree in the biosciences can be very challenging, and having a group of other students around you who really understand your academic and professional goals can make a difference in many ways, providing:

  • potential study partners
  • support for your priorities and for choosing behaviors that advance rather than interfere with your goals
  • sources of information about campus resources, courses, faculty, jobs, programs, etc.
  • encouragement in the face of difficulties
  • the beginnings of a professional network that will last beyond college
  • informal or formal peer mentors

While opportunities for community may be "built into" some programs, you may need to be proactive and find or create a community for yourself. This is common for students in very broad majors (for example, the Biology major), students with substantial interests outside their majors (for example, pre-health students), students who are undeclared, and many others. Keep in mind that new student organizations are easy to create.

Resources for Networking and Community

Become a Leader

Leadership opportunities can help you gain valuable skills to help you in your career. You can:

  • Develop the ability to convey a vision, set goals and empower others to be successful in reaching the goals
  • Develop the organizational, networking, management, budgeting and communication skills needed to build and lead teams of biologists (e.g. in research, in teaching, in service to the community)
  • Develop a sense of identity and confidence as a leader in your discipline
  • Learn about and appreciate that there are multiple ways to lead
  • Establish the professional skills needed for ethical behavior and responsible conduct in leading teams of biologists
  • Translate your knowledge of leadership within your biological sciences field to new contexts

Courses and Certificates

Service and Mentoring